How to install Ubuntu 12.04 over Fedora 17 keeping Windows 7 dual boot

I have spent a few days playing around with different boot scenarios to remove Fedora and install Ubuntu but keeping dual boot with Windows 7 intact and here is the juice of my experience 🙂

* If you are booting from USB live disk make sure to disable UEFI from BIOS options and run in legacy mode (sometimes referred as CSM)

Method 1

1 – Use Disk Management from Windows  (Run -> diskmgmt.msc), find the Fedora partitions, delete them and format but this will delete GRUB and you will not be able to boot hence you need to restore MBR.

2 – To restore the MBR using Ubuntu live CD you should simply install lilo

sudo apt-get install lilo

sudo lilo -M /dev/sda mbr

3 – Then you can install Ubuntu normally alongside with windows using the installer which will be able to automatically detect  Windows 7 installation.

This should be the perfect scenario but actually this is not what really happened to me during my trials,

What happened to me is that I damaged the MBR by accident so I got the error

BOOTMGR is missing.

after rebooting the machine.

Method 2

So I plugged in the ubuntu live usb disk -> install and when asked where to install I chose something else then I chose the 2 Fedora partitions as the installation partitions and checked the option to format them

/dev/sda1 -> /boot

/dev/sda2 -> /

Ubuntu installation automatically fixed MBR and installed GRUB and now I can happily dual boot Ubuntu 12.04 and Windows 7 🙂

So I guess this is a second and an easier  method to install Ubuntu >= 12.04 over fedora just by using the live disk and choosing fedora partitions as Ubuntu installation partitions.

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