Facebook is making us dumber

No one can deny that Facebook is one of the most important creations of this century , it has created a major impact on lives of its 1.7 billion users. It’s the third most accessed website on the planet according to alexa . It has direct influence over politics and elections across the globe. But I have […]

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My friends hate Star Wars

Credit : Olly Moss أنا من هواة سلسلة أفلام Star Wars وهو من الأفلام القليلة التي شاهدتها مرتين و لكن كلما يظهر جزء جديد و أشاهده مع أصدقائي (وهم يشاهدونه اكراما لي) أتلقى وابل هائل من التهزيق والتقطيع بعد نهاية الفيلم . هو ليه الأشكال المقرفة كدة ؟ هى ليه الناس بتحارب بعضها بالسيوف و هما […]

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Mein Kampf 

So I am reading a translated version of Adolf Hitler’s diary and in the translators introduction He just stated how he loves Hitler’s idea about Jews and Karl Marx.  While everyone is free to have his own ideas , now I fear that about not every page I about not not reading Hitler’s words but […]

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Where is me ?

It has been a lot since I really wrote anything here . Seems that I don’t have anything new to say or as one grows older he just tends to bla bla bla less. Anyway, I have some great ideas in mind now and I think I will get back to action soon and maybe […]

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Chess Life Lessons

– Strategy(Having a plan) is as important as good tactics (good decision-making) , sometimes more important – TIME is very critical. – Be aggressive , Attack .. Attack !! (Take every opportunity) – Don’t defend against a move, always counter-attack (Don’t let life corner you down , think of smart alternatives) – Never lose hope […]

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السفر للصعاليك

تجميع لشوية بوستات مهمة بدل ما تضيع فى زحمة الفيس 5 خطوات لزيارة اسبانيا للمتشردين و الفقراء فقط دليل السفر والسنكحة للغلابة والصعاليك (1) .. دليل السفر كامل من هنا

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