Serial Communication with FTDI D2xx API on Windows

I was performing some testing on the FTDI throughput and I wrote this simple program that measures the throughput of FTDI chip if you connect its Rx pin to the Tx pin.

You are free to use it for any application with FTDI, it proved to be actually faster than using Windows VCP API but remember you need to install D2xx driver and make sure that your FTDI is actually using this driver and not the default ًWindows VCP driver

Note that the D2xx API uses a different method than conventional

    hSerial = CreateFile("COM9",GENERIC_READ | GENERIC_WRITE,

, it uses a string name instead that you can get from
device manager >> Right click on COM >> Details >> From the scroll list choose Device instance id >> you will find it after VID and PID

Code on github 






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